Miss Julisa

Miss Cathy

I'm Cathy Meekins, owner and lead teacher of Happy Hands Early Learning Academy. I have my director certificate and am preschool teacher certificate from PPCC. I've been working professionally with children since 1992, first as a nanny, and then as a licensed family child care provider with the Air Force, and finally becoming licensed in Colorado in 2001. I love working with children and I love teaching! I've been married to Mr. Rob for 20-some-odd years, and we have two grown children.  

I'm Grandma Liz, Cathy's mom. I'm a former elementary school teacher, specializing in reading, and former volunteer with Foster Grandparents of America. I've been working with Cathy's child care as a substitute for about six years. I love my time with the kids and love seeing their smiling faces. I currently substitue for Miss Julisa when she can't be in the classroom. 

There are several ways someone can be qualified to teach preschool here in Colorado. The list of options is availabe to review at this site. I also have it posted here at Happy Hands Early Learning Academy. I have my preschool teacher certificate from Pikes Peak Community College.

Miss Julisa is working on her ECE degree (and meets the college credit qualification), and will be graduating in December of this year.

Grandma Liz meets the preschool teacher qualifications under option A-a bachelor's (4 year) degree (in K-12 with speech correction).

Grandma Liz

Miss Julisa has been working at Happy Hands Early Learning Academy since May of 2014, and we love having here here! She's in her fourth year of college studying Business and Early Childhood Education at UCCS. She is our regular morning assistant teacher.

What Makes Someone Preschool Teacher Qualified in Colorado? 

Miss Allison was our summer helper in June and July in 2016. She is currently a junior at Pine Creek High School. She is one of my former munchkins and I loved having her help out this past summer! She had a blast with us, the kids loved her, and she hopes to return next summer.